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10 Things to Know & Do This Week

February 24, 2020

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10 Things to Know This Week

10 Things to Do This Week

Fri + Sat + Sun - Walk through rows of visual artist tents, view chalk art on the sidewalks, and listen to live music Fri + Sat + Sun - Portillo's food truck popped into Orlando all weekend to serve you Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and crinkle cut fries Saturday + Sunday - Eat tacos from 25 vendors, slurp the margarita bar, survey the Tequila expo, and more Saturday - Dance around a welcoming and inclusive street party while local bands play on a big stage Saturday - A trunk show for eyeglasses? Yes it's a thing! Examine new eyeglasses from brands like Jimmy Choo and more Saturday - Eat 15 restaurants' worth of food outside then go watch a hockey game inside Saturday - Write a new story with a bunch of others using antique typewriters and be-bop jazz as inspiration Sunday - Take a day to soak in Arab food, culture, music, vendors and live entertainment


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