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The Daily City launched as a local news website in 2007. Later, it created small local live events to promote topics to its readers like art (Mobile Art Show), comedy improv (Orlando Improv Festival). and food trucks (Taco Truck Taste Test).


On March 29, 2011 it put on Food Truck Bazaar, a very public way to promote the bubbling under food truck scene to Orlando locals.


Over one thousand people participated.


Instead of going back to writing about local news, The Daily City shifted its focus to this new food truck event, and began putting it on once a month in Orlando from 2011 to 2015. Eventually they spread the event to over fifteen surrounding towns and at its high point, became responsible for 15 Food Truck Bazaar branded events every single month.

In 2018 an owner of multiple bars in downtown Orlando asked The Daily City to create a market inside one of their large two story 10,000 square foot bars. Within six months a 35-vendor highly curated artisan and makers market was taking place inside that bar called Orlando Flea.


Over one thousand people participated.  

One year later The Daily City approached the bar owner with the idea of Orlando Indoor Farmers Market. The event made the cover of the Orlando Sentinel food section, introduced brands from across the region to the downtown Orlando crowd, and brought life to a large downtown space that would otherwise be closed during daytime hours. 

And once again, over one thousand people participated. 

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