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Holy Land Experience Laying Off Most of Its Employees

Holy Land Experience Ministries is undergoing a corporate-wide ministry reorganization eliminating most of its employees and positions from its facilities at 4655 Vineland Road (MAP).

118 positions in total are being eliminated including 43 actors and 5 dancers, restaurant employees, department supervisors and more.

The employees’ employment is expected to end at the conclusion of their shifts April 18, 2020.

Severance packages are being provided and are based on the employee’s length of service.

Holy Land Experience will be shutting down most departments but will continue to operate it’s main educational attractions and maintain its Church of All Nations Theatre. Live Church Orlando will continue to use the Church of All Nations Theatre for church services.

Keeping the educational attractions open means the facility will maintain its tax break it won in 2006 which prevents it from having to pay property taxes according to Orlando Sentinel.

On January 6th Holy Land Experience Ministries announced to its employees it would be shifting the focus of the park away from entertainment and theatrical productions to focus on its Biblical Museum and would be shutting down its stage shows.

It was announced to the park's staff that all employees performing in or providing backstage support to the stage shows would be laid off.

The biblical theme park says all laid off employees should consider their layoff as permanent.


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