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Giant Bridge Portion of the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass Project Has Arrived

The Colonial Pedestrian Overpass' metal one-piece crossing section has been placed at the project's construction site, at the intersection of I-4 and Colonial. At a cost of $9,024,000, the overpass will take users into the core of Downtown Orlando while also providing a safe pedestrian and cyclist crossing of Colonial Drive. The overpass forms the missing link that will connect the Orlando Urban Trail to the Gertrude's Walk Trail.

The overpass will be located east of I-4, west of N. Orange Avenue, and crosses W. Colonial Drive until touch down approximately 340 feet south of Colonial.

There's been a focus by the City on completing the trail located in the Central Business District. due to the addition of the bike share program, increased residential density, burgeoning sports and entertainment complexes, and new and expanding bus and rail transit options.

The City recently approved $810,647.05 in Florida Department of Transportation funds to go to Vanassee Hangen Brustlin, Inc. at 225 E. Robinson St, Suite 300 for engineering services towards the completion of two missing pieces within the Central Business District portion of the Orlando Bicycle Beltway.

The Orlando Bicycle Beltway is one of 10 neighborhood infrastructure improvements coming to Orlando. It's an 8.25 mile loop that will circle through the Central Business District all the way to Fashion Square/Colonial area and back once completed. It will ultimately connect Downtown to the region’s trail system. This beltway will utilize the existing Orlando Urban Trail, Cady Way Trail, and Lake Underhill Path.

The City's bicycle system currently consists of over forty (40) miles of urban bike trails within the City of Orlando, located in three major network areas: (1) southeast, (2) southwest, and (3) northeast.

The city is currently a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community, based on the League of American Bicyclists` 5 Es for a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Urban Bike Trail Maps:

Future Plans for Urban Bike Trail:

Renderings of the Colonial Pedestrian Overpass


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