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New Sensor Activated Signage at Colonial Drive Railroad Crossing

Photo courtesy FDOT

The Colonial Drive railroad crossing near I-4 in Downtown Orlando received new sensor-activated alert signs that flash after a vehicle remains stopped on the railroad tracks for more than three seconds.

The new signs, activated on July 30th, are LED and read "Do Not Stop on Tracks." They are meant to inform the driver that their current behavior is dangerous and potentially hazardous and to move off of the tracks. The signs face both east and westbound traffic. This crossing is the first of 11 crossings currently scheduled to receive this signage. Other crossings slated to receive installation within the next year include:

  • County Road 427 / Ronald Regan Boulevard

  • Horatio Avenue

  • Packwood Avenue

  • Pennsylvania Avenue

  • Holt Avenue

  • Orlando Avenue

  • Magnolia Avenue

  • South Street

  • Landstreet Road

  • Vine Street

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