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Tiny Green Home Mobile Sustainability Education Center Coming from Orlando Green Works

Courtesy Orlando Green Works

City of Orlando's sponsorship of the Tiny Green Home mobile sustainability education center project goes before City Council August 10th. If approved, the exhibit will be funded to operate for a minimum of two years with the potential for extended use. The total project cost to the City shall not exceed the budgeted amount of $65,000.

Tiny Green Home is a small one-story indoor/outdoor mobile learning facility that will provide "an engaging experience to support residents on their journey towards sustainable home living" according to the council summary sheet.

It was created because the City of Orlando’s Green Works initiative and OUC offer programs, rebates, freebies, and other resources to help locals engage in sustainable practices at home, but, according to city documents, "many locals don't know they exist."

Tiny Green Home will be be stationed outside the soon to be 4Rivers-ized restaurant space at Orlando Science Center at 777 E Princeton Street (MAP). Operating hours will be open during peak season (Jun-Aug) with additional weeks all year. 1-2 staff will be present during operating hours.

The site will include a garden, 10x20’ fiber reinforced concrete pad, aluminum entry ramp, wooden visitor deck, reinforced concrete sidewalk, exterior signage, a curb with removable ramp.

Orlando Science Center will own, operate, staff, and maintain the Tiny Green Home exhibit. All the exhibit's content and programing will also be delivered by Orlando Science Center.

On days when it's not stationed at OSC, the exhibit will be placed at 6 to 12 "highly visible community events" per year like Earth Day festivals and other community events.

The FY20 Green Works budget included funding ($50,000) to support the development of the Tiny Green Home mobile sustainability education center.  Facilities Division will also provide $15,000 for site preparation, namely the installation of a concrete pad and reinforced sidewalks.  Further financial support was provided externally through Orlando’s participation in the American Cities Climate Challenge for design assistance ($15,000). The City will partner with OUC-The Reliable and Sustainable One, who is also sponsoring the Exhibit ($50,000), as well as two-years of operating and maintenance expenses ($49,585). 

The exhibit is anticipated to launch in October, 2020.

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Courtesy City of Orlando City Council


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