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Sideways robot pots will stir your bowl at The Mongolorian when it opens in Mills50

The Mongolorian restaurant will soon be serving Mongolian BBQ bowls made by robots in the Mills50 District. Photo Credit: MEEEEE

By Mark Baratelli

(To see the sideways robot pots, scroll down to watch the video below!)

I've been skootchin' up into Mills50 the past few weeks ploppin' my flat ass onto one of two brown couches inside the modern, high-ceilinged and hyper-air conditioned Mills50 Starbucks I told you was coming in 2019.

As such/therefore/hencetooth, while I was being driven to said Starbucks a few days ago, I spotted a brand new mural with the word Mongolorian on it and promptly did not stop to take a picture.

Three days later I stopped and took a picture.

The mural according to Orlando Weekly is for a restaurant under construction called The Mongolorian (Instagram). The team behind it are the folks who brought us King Bao and other local notable restaurants,

The Mongolorian will serve Mongolian BBQ bowls that are tossed and sauced by commercial tabletop gas stir fryers that look like mini clothes dryers with the doors ripped off. According to Daneng Singamore Commercial Kitchen Equipment, these things are known as commercial tabletop gas stir fryers and - wait for it - automatic gas cooking ROBOTS!!!!

The restaurant will be opening in a space formerly occupied by Firehouse Subs at 2217 E. Colonial Drive (MAP).

Expect an opening in October/November says OW.


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