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Starbucks in Mills50 - Plans Submitted for Coffee Drive-Thru

Adjacent to a ton of new townhouses and classic older homes, the property owner of the auto air conditioner repair shop is talking with folks who wish to replace the business with a Starbucks.

A Starbucks with a drive-thru is coming to the SW corner of the intersection of Fern Creek Avenue and Colonial Avenue according to Orlando Sentinel. According to the Plan Review filed with the City of Orlando, the official title of the Starbucks project is "Colonial & Fern Creek Redevelopment." It will "rezone the subject property (1526 E. Colonial Drive) to Planned Development to allow for the construction of a new Starbucks with drive-thru."

The property currently houses an auto repair shop built in 1955. The Daily City called this area "Townhouse Gully" due to the number townhouse projects built, in construction or in planning along and around North Fern Creek Ave.


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