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Mills50 Getting More Retail Spaces Near Busy Intersection

According to city documents, big plans are in the works for the property at 723 N Mills Avenue (MAP).

We told you in 2019 when the property went under contract. The last time the property changed hands was 1983 when William H. Baker sold it after he bought it in 1970.

The plans for this property, near the intersection of Mills and Colonial in the Mills50 district, include the complete demolition of the one story building currently on the site.

This building houses two retail spaces. The one on the left was most recently occupied by a 7-11. The one on the right currently contains a self-serve laundromat.

The plans for the property also contain the construction of a new 8,800 SF building with commercial and retail uses on the site. It is not known at this time how many retail spaces the new building will contain or what portion of the building will be retail.

Parking is to be located in the rear of the new building.

This is the second phase of a two phase redevelopment and improvement project on the block. Read about Phase 1 HERE.

Lam Civil Engineering is requesting a Master Plan review for the project. The plans are scheduled to go before the Municipal Planning Board August 18th.

The property is close to the intersection of Mills & Colonial. Map made by The Daily City.

The property currently contains a one story building with two retail spaces. According to plans filed with the city, the property owner is requesting permission from the city to demolish this building and replace it with a new one. Photo credit The Daily City.

The 13,560 sq ft property was most recently owned by the Southland Corporation. Photo courtesy Google Maps

The site plan above shows how the new building will take up most of the property. Eight parking spaces for the building will be placed behind it. Courtesy City of Orlando


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