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Seven New Retail Spaces Coming to Mills50 Thanks to Upcoming Redevelopment Project

A major overhaul of an office building at 1222 Woodward Street (MAP) in the Mills50 District is in the works according to city documents.

The one story building was built in 1959, contains 10,010 SF, and is made of concrete and cinder block construction. It faces a parking lot it shares with a strip of Colonial Drive-facing shops and restaurants.

The office building will be redeveloped into a retail shopping center. Seven entrances will be carved out of one of the two longer blank sides of the building according to renderings provided to the city. The shared parking lot will be repaved, new landscaping will be added, and two dumpster enclosures will be relocated.

The Mills50 area, with its popular restaurants and coffee shops, is a desirable place to locate a business. Retail spaces there are hard to come by in the area.

Rendering of 1222 Woodward Street after renovations. Courtesy City of Orlando

As the building looks today prior to renovations. Courtesy Google Maps

The seven-space building faces a parking lot and is located behind a strip of shops facing Colonial Drive. Map made by The Daily City.

The map above shows the building divided into seven spaces, the expected landscaping change, and the new placement of the dumpsters (in yellow). Courtesy City of Orlando

Exterior elevations of 1222 Woodward Street are shown above. Courtesy City of Orlando

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