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indoor farmers market

A farmers market is essential to city life, but sweating through one during the hottest months of the year is not. So The Daily City created the Orlando Indoor Farmers Market!


Over 1,200 guests walked through an air conditioned public market atmosphere shopping a curated collection of local meat sellers, local produce growers, lunch options, and cocktails. 

The Daily City handles everything! 

where  a farmers market belongs

  1. Large indoor event spaces

  2. Large outdoor areas

  3. Neighborhoods with lots of residents

  4. City properties

  5. Streets

  6. Public parks

what we look for in a venue

  1. Lots of parking

  2. Plenty of bathrooms

let us make a market for you

Let us make the perfect food market for your venue, neighborhood or city to feed and stimulate your residents. To talk to us, send a quick email to our owner Mark Baratelli at


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We do not have any future dates set for this event at this time. We'd love to bring it back in the appropriate venue. Follow our social media for updates. 


Mark Baratelli

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