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Plastic-Free Zero-Waste Soap Company Coming to Farmers Markets

A new business will be appearing soon at local farmers markets soon called Zero Orlando (Instagram). It's a plastic-free zero-waste store.

Owner Ingrid Hames will sell liquid cleaner, bar soap, and non-plastic reusable items.

Everything will be vegan.

The liquid cleaner will be stored in refill stations. Eco friendly bottles will be available for purchase. Customers will take the bottle, fill-er-up, and leave. When they run out of soap, they don't throw the bottle away and buy a new one. They wash it out at home, return to the store and fill-er-up again.

The goal of the business is to introduce the service and products at farmers markets then eventually move into a brick & mortar space.

Follow Zero Orlando on instagram for updates.

Used for representational purposes only. This is not a photo of the Zero Orlando products.


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