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New Restaurant With 60 Wines on Tap Opening in March

A wine-on-tap restaurant named Sixty Vines (Instagram | Facebook | Website) is opening in Winter Park in March at 110 Orlando Avenue (MAP) at the Lakeside Crossing shopping center.

The 8,000 SF space was formally occupied by Kona Grill restaurant.

Sixty vines will have 260 seats and offer 60 wines on tap in 2.5 ounce, 5 ounce, or 8-ounce pours; full flights or bottles. Having the wine on tap versus in glass bottles gives the restaurant the ability to serve each glass at the perfect temperature.

Each keg of wine is reused, eliminating waste and reducing the wine lover’s carbon footprint. Each steel keg saves 26 bottles from going in a landfill.

The restaurant also offers a variety of beer, cider, cold brew, and kombucha flavors on tap, as well as a full cocktail bar.

The menu (Read It Here) includes pizza, pasta, steak, salmon, pork, wagyu and ahi tuna burgers, and more.

The decor features exposed wood, white backdrops, live greenery, eclectic furnishings and local artwork.

Sixty Vines has three additional locations in Dallas and Houston.


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