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Urbon at Audubon Park Master Plan Request

Audubon Office Park LLC has put in a Master Plan request to demolish the exiting office building at 3660 Maguire Blvd (MAP) and to construct phases II and III of the Alexan at Audubon Multi-family project called Urbon at Audubon Park (Website | Facebook).

Phases II and III will consist of a 493 unit, five (5) story apartment complex broken up into two buildings, with two six (6) story parking garages, and a surface parking lot, a combined total of 744 parking pspaces. There will also be resident amenities such as a pool, main drive plaza and a dog park.

Once the project is finished, the public will be allowed to use the Cady Way Trail thorough their property.

One of the conditions of approval for this project is that a kneewall measuring 3 ft. in height must wrap the easternmost parking lot along Maguire Blvd.

All existing street trees along Maguire must be preserved and protected through the course of construction.

Approval of the request is recommended subject to the conditions in the staff report.


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