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Swearing-in Ceremony of City Commissioners

We don't know why anyone would attend this but here it is.

The public is invited to the 2017 Commissioner Oath of Office Ceremony Monday, January 8th at 10am inside the City Hall Council Chambers at City Hall at 400 South Orange Ave.

  1. District 1 Commissioner Jim Gray - second full-term

  2. District 3 Commissioner Robert F. Stuart - fourth term 

  3. District 5 Commissioner Regina I. Hill - second term

They each receive four-year terms on the Orlando City Council.

The Oath of Office reaffirms each elected or re-elected official’s commitment to faithfully perform the outlined duties according to the District City Commissioner role within the City of Orlando. The City of Orlando’s Charter requires City Commissioners to recite the Oath before they enter into the duties of office.

Parking: Free parking for residents attending the Oath of Office Ceremony is available in the City Commons Parking Garage on Boone Avenue, between Anderson Street and South Street.


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