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SODO Townhomes May Replace Home Built in 1936

A new SODO townhome project may replace a home constructed in 1936.

To allow for the future development of townhomes on a 0.34 acre lot at 2900 S Delaney Street (MAP) in the SODO District, Schwartz Family Trust is requesting the Municipal Planning Board approve the following:

  1. the annexation of the property into City of Orlando

  2. a Growth Management Plan amendment to designate the property as Office Low Intensity

  3. initial Zoning to Low Intensity Office-Residential with the Special Plan Overlay district of Orange and Michigan

The lot contains a 1,234 sq ft two-story home built in 1936. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, is made of wood and stucco.

The decision will be made Tuesday August 20th at the next board meeting, but all signs point to approval: the staff recommends approval, the proposed residential use for townhome units on the site conforms with the surrounding uses in the neighborhood, the requested amendments are compatible with the surroundings of the site, and no Subarea Policies affect the subject property.

The site is surrounded by a mixture of uses including commercial to the north, single family homes to the east and south of the site and single family and townhomes to the west.

Photo Credit: Photos 1-2 The Daily City; Photos 3-6 Google Maps


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