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New Lake Copeland Apartments Project in the Works for SODO - Senior Living Facility

Lake Copeland Apartments rendering by Integrity Investments Group

A new mixed use senior living facility called Lake Copeland Apartments is in the works for a 1.36 acre property across from the Orlando Regional Medical Center in SODO at 1221 S Orange Avenue and 101 E. Copeland Drive (MAP).

The project is expected to contain 118 apartments.

According to documents filed with the City, the first floor of the building will have a canopy-covered elevated walkway connecting 7,200 SF of retail/restaurant, 2,200 SF of office, 1,000 SF spa/salon, and a gym.

The lower level will have an auto lift for automated parking. "Automated parking systems use computer-controlled, motorized vertical and horizontal lifts to transport automobiles to a remote parking space without the assistance of humans." according to City Lift.

Florida Engineering Group is requesting a master plan with a density bonus for 118 units with a conditional use permit for automated parking

This project is tentatively scheduled for a public hearing at the Municipal Planning Board on April 21, 2020.


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