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Reservations Required For New Orlando Coffee Shop

Even members can't get in unless they RSVP!

Coffee drinkers can't walk into new exclusive members-only Frenchpressery (Instagram | Website) and order a drink like at normal coffee shops. They must pay for a daily or annual membership. Frenchpressery members receive alerts about the location, days, and hours of operation. They also receive an email with a secret page link to view that day's unique menu before they RSVP.

Requiring RSVPS keeps the number of members allowed in at once low so they receive a one on one coffee experience. The drinks are made in front of them "with the sophistication of a craft cocktail."

The membership does not include the price of the drink.

Membership Levels:

  1. ​Free - Email notification when a new date is announced.

  2. ​Per Event ($7) - You will receive a password that will allow you entry into the speakeasy on your selected day and time via email.

  3. Yearly ($100) - You will receive a 100% off discount code unique to you via email. This discount code will allow you one free RSVP to every Frenchpressery event for the year. Purchase Yearly Membership

Frenchpressery has stated publicly that plans are in the works to take the concept nationwide.


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