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Publix Buying SODO Lucky’s Market Lease - Unknown if it Will Become Greenwise or Publix

Publix is in the process of buying (Paywall) the lease of the Lucky's Market space in the SODO District at 3171 S Orange Avenue (MAP) as well as leases in Clermont, Ormond Beach, Naples, and Neptune Beach.

The supermarket chain has not stated publicly which of its brands, Publix or Greenwise Market, it will place into the SODO Lucky's space.

Lucky's Market spaces average 25,000 to 30,000 SF. The Greenwise Market in Tampa is 26,000 SF. Publix stores average 45,000 SF, but there are locations that are 28,000 SF.

Publix has over 1,200 locations of its namesake stores in seven states with 66% of them (806) in Florida. It launched its Greenwise Market (Website) grocery store concept back in 2007 with just 3 locations, then stopped, then picked the effort back up in ten years later with new stores designs. Now there are 12 locations. GreenWise Market is a specialty, natural and organic store featuring kombucha, locally-roasted coffee, wine, local beer and smoothies, gourmet treats, body care and bulk items. Publix also owns Publix Sabor, with locations in Kissimmee and Miami.

Lucky's is also selling five leased stores and one owned location to Aldi (Website). The German grocer hasn't released which locations its acquiring, but according to court filings, Gainesville is one of them.

Aldi is known for its small stores, but in early 2019, a 25,000 SF store lease was signed. The grocery chain has more than 1,900 stores in 36 states. In 2018 Aldi began refurbishing its 1,800 stores and plans on opening 700 news ones by 2022 according to Kiplinger. Aldi offers no-frills, low-priced grocery shopping.

Both deals are subject to court approval and an overbidding process.

A third grocery company has stated publicly it's interest in the post-Lucky's spots. The parent company of Winn Dixie, SEG, said it "has expressed interest in acquiring multiple Lucky’s Market locations across the state of Florida,"

The Lucky's Market leases are available because Kroger divested themselves of their investment, leaving the company to close 32 of its 39 stores across the US. Lucky’s Market said in its Chapter 11 filing that it had $100 to 500 million in assets along and $500 million to $1 billion in liabilities "owed to thousands of creditors."

Lucky's recently announced it will be selling the remaining 7 open stores left after the other 32 are shuttered to the original founders of the company, Bo and Trish Sharon.

Meanwhile, Kroger is building a $125 million customer fulfillment center in the city of Groveland which is expected to be completed by 2021 according to Daily Commercial. It's meant to fulfill online ordering and delivery needs.

The first Orlando Lucky's Market location started construction in 2015 in the Wateford Lakes area and held its grand opening in 2016. In 2017, the chain announced the locations of four other Orlando area stores. The newest location just opened June of last year across from Fashion Square Mall.

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