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Tenant Selection for 40,000 Sq Ft Indoor Market to Start Soon in Winter Garden

New owner will start choosing tenants soon.

We told you June 18th that a 40,000 sq ft former citrus packing plant on 3.7 acres at 1061 Tildenville School Road, Winter Garden (MAP) would be going through adaptive reuse starting this year and come out the other end as a dedicated space for artisanal food and eateries, retail, art, community meetings, and office space if the project's future end use request got approved June 27th by Winter Garden City Commission according to Growthspotter.

Approval came and according to Winter Garden Experience, the new owner, Gary Hasson, will "move quickly in finalizing his plans and will start making decisions on tenants shortly."

Hasson describes the project as a "neighborhood-oriented market" that will promote alternative transportation via several golf cart and bike parking spaces, contain no bars or clubs, and be family oriented according to West Orange Times.

Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to "preserve the heritage and architecture of West Orange County, while creating new cultural experiences," announced they plan on "closely working with Mr. Hasson to celebrate the history of this building and the new beginnings of it as well."

The Packing Plant is a approximately a 27 minute drive from downtown Orlando.

The project sounds similar to East End Market in Orlando and Oxford Exchange in Tampa. Both projects feature multiple uses within an adaptive reuse scenario.

Central Florida has been receiving announcements left and right for large scale projects featuring multiple tenants in both existing and new construction buildings, but most have focused solely on food. Hamlin Market, the closest in proximity to The Packing Plant, will be a 26,000 sq ft market offering a collection of dining and retail options, a rooftop bar, and outdoor seating. Gourmet Market, the closest in size, will be a 20-restaurant 30,000 sq ft food hall part of the "first luxury branded development in Central Florida" called Magic Place.

Read more about the food hall boom in our Orlando Food Hall Guide.


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