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Giant Food Hall Coming to Central Florida Called Gourmet Market

30,000 sq ft of food and 20 restaurants, none of them chains!

A large food hall is coming to Central Florida inside a development called Magic Place according to Orlando Weekly. The food hall will contain 30,000 sq ft of food and seating and feature 20 restaurants, none of which will be chains. The to-the-point name of this mega food hall will be Gourmet Market and its location will be 5500 U.S. 192 in Kissimmee, 27 minute drive from downtown Orlando.

Central Florida has more food halls in the works. Just take a look at our Orlando Food Hall Guide! Maitland City Center's food hall hybrid is built and awaiting tenants. Downtown Sanford's Henry's Depot (originally called First Street Market) will take shape inside a 1940 train depot. A small food hall inside the Creative Village is in the works. Lake Nona is getting what we're calling an outdoor food hall made from shipping containers. Oviedo Food Factory, opening late 2019, will feature a micro-restaurant row overlooking Oviedo on the Park's main street.

What exactly makes a food hall a food hall and not a food court? Simply put - it's a place to get lunch almost every day without getting bored. The food is elevated, pricier and, to some, more special. The feeling of the interior should be a hub of activity. People everywhere. If it doesn't feel like there are too many people inside it, it's not a food hall.

Food halls, much like grown adults wearing clothing from the 90s and white hipsters saying "dope," are a trend. Some say the trend is inflated while others say it's not dead. We recommend doing a little reading to understand more about this trend. See below:


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