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Lucky Office Workers Getting Their Own Food Hall in Lake Mary Complex

The lot the food hall will be built on will be shared with a future hotel that is currently in the works as well.

A 10,000 SF food hall in is in the works for the lucky office workers in the Primera Towers office complex (Website) at 615 Crescent Executive Court (MAP) in Lake Mary according to Growthspotter (Paywall). The owner of the five class A office buildings and the property they're built on, Parmenter Realty Partners (Website), is in talks with a retail developer for the food hall project. No opening date or restaurant names have been announced.

The immediate area is not lacking in food options:

  1. Twenty five restaurants (fast food, fast casual, sit down) and grocery store options are within a six minute drive of Primera Towers.

  2. Office parks like this can bring in food trucks daily.

  3. The huge food delivery business instigated by delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and others are bringing meals, snacks and grocery items straight to the offices.

  4. You never know if a ghost kitchen will pop up near office complexes as well.

So why a food hall in addition to all of that?

  1. Proper food halls offer experience. Unique decor, signage, seating, tableware and more provide visual cues that inform diners they're in a special place. The food choices are atypical, heightened, and interesting. If executed well, a food hall can be a respite from the work day in addition to being a place to get lunch. It can also be a second office - employees may be allowed to work there on their laptops or phones during office hours.

  2. It's a tool Primera Towers can use to compete against other office parks in the fight to get new tenants. If executed well, the amenity can set an office park apart from competitors.

  3. The food hall is an additional revenue source for the company.

  4. Having the food hall on-site eliminates travel time that eats up an employee's lunch hour.

  5. It can attract workers from other office complexes on their lunch breaks.

  6. If alcohol is available for purchase and dinner hours are offered, it can be a post-work destination and meet up spot for employees.

The Orlando area currently has ten food hall projects in the works. You can read about them at our Orlando Food Hall Guide. They include the Yard at Ivanhoe by the company responsible for Tampa's Hall on Franklin, the 22,400 SF Southern Box Food Hall in the Packing District, the 4,000 SF Gatlin Hall in Edgewood just south of downtown Orlando, the 15-vendor Bumby Arcade Food Hall in downtown Orlando, the 40,000 SF The Packing Plant in Winter Garden, to name a few.

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