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Holden Hub to Bring Food Hall, Deli and More to New Project Just South of SODO District

The Holden Hub (Website) is the new collective name of a shopping strip and next door stand alone building just south of the SODO District that will soon be getting a complete overhaul according to Acre Commercial Real Estate. The center is located at 4710 S Orange Avenue (MAP) at the corner of S. Orange and Holden in Edgewood.

The Holden Hub is looking to contain a food hall, grocery store, deli, outside dining areas, a beer garden with live entertainment, and 95 parking spaces according to Acre's presentation.

The food hall will consist of several 800 SF bays with rolling garage doors leading out to outdoor dining areas. The bays are meant for restaurant and retail tenants.

The deli will be located inside the free standing corner building facing the busy street corner.

The property sits on the opposite side of S. Orange Avenue from the Gatlin Food Hall currently under construction in the newly renovated Fort Gatlin shopping center. (To see all of Orlando's food hall projects in the works check out our Orlando Food Hall Guide)

The following features are located on the map below:

  • A = Renovated 14,000 SF building will house a food hall and a grocery store

  • B - Renovated 1,730 SF building will house a new market / deli

  • C - Outside dining with small stage

  • D - Beer garden with live entertainment

  • E - Entry park with dining area

  • F - Parking spaces (95)

Image courtesy Acre Commercial Real Estate
Image courtesy Acre Commercial Real Estate

Image courtesy Acre Commercial Real Estate

The shopping center as it stands currently. Photo courtesy Google Maps.

The 1,730 SF free standing building faces the corner of Holden and S. Orange. This is what it looks like pre-renovation. Photo courtesy Google Maps.

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