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Orlando Creative Hot Spot The Heavy Wowed Epcot Theme Park Guests

Epcot theme park guests got to see the creative side of Orlando when local influential flower and decor warehouse The Heavy showed up in a kiosk during Flower and Garden.

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The floral gurus at The Heavy at 1152 Harmon Avenue (MAP) were recently featured at the Epcot Flower & Garden Show. And by featured we mean they got their own kiosk! Whaaaaat!? We got to speak with the owners about what it was like for this local business to venture into the land of Elsa and Ariel.

1. How did this opportunity come about? We were actually approached by Disney's Event Team to be a part of this year's Flower and Garden Festival! They had heard about our Flower Bar and our floral workshops... 2. What was it like to be doing what you do at the Heavy... physically inside Epcot? It was incredible exposure, especially to be in front of annual pass holders and local guests there for the festival. Guests who got our vibe and aesthetic just got it...

3. What was the one most popular item Epcot customers bought? Hands down, our Mickey Wreaths were our #1 best seller at Disney. We also partnered with local legend Sean from Secret Society Goods to create two pennants and two pins themed around the festival. Customers loved learning about the local creative community and supporting a small business from around the area! 4. Was there any fun or unexpected feedback you received from guests? I was asked about a million times if we ship our products. The Heavy currently doesn't offer products online, but after seeing the response from a national audience it's something we're looking into! 5. What take-aways or learned things will you take you with from this experience that will influence what you do at the heavy? We had guests and cast members alike stop by our booth to tell us that they've "never seen anything like this", which I take very positively! ❤️❤️If you know a local business doing amazing work tag them below! We’d love to feature them!


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