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Millenia Area Rooms-To-Go Master Plan Submitted to City

Pick out your sofa/love seat combo and drive it home in a brand new Audi if this Rooms-To-Go showroom opens next door to the Millenia Mall area Audi dealership.

A representative of UP Fieldgate US Investments has submitted a Master Plan to the City of Orlando for a 59,000 sq. ft. Rooms-To-Go Showroom at 4751 Vineland Rd on a vacant parcel between an Audi Dealership and a future City Furniture store location.

In October UP Fieldgate submitted a Master Plan to develop a 7 story hotel with retail on the same vacant lot. There were to be two shops and one restaurant on the first floor of the hotel. The name of the hotel was not made public. This is the second hotel in Orlando announced and did not build. The first was part of UP Fieldgate's revitalization plans for Fashion Square Mall which ended up not getting built.

A Porshe dealership is also coming to the same street.

There are four locations of Rooms-To-Go in the Orlando area.


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