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LocalOrlando.Info Promotes Six Orlando Main Street Districts to City Visitors

Shoppers visit Orlando Flea. Photo Credit: The Daily City

Six main Street Districts all within a couple of miles of Orlando’s downtown core came together to create a new website promoting themselves and the small businesses located within them.

Launching Friday July 24th, the website is called

The site also has an Instagram and Facebook.

The site's key audience is Florida residents who are wishing to travel but staying in-state due to the pandemic.

The website features outdoor and physically-distanced activities that visitors can enjoy safely, like mural spotting throughout the City, visits to public parks like Leu Gardens and Lake Eola, and enjoying outdoor sports at Orlando Mountain Bike Park, and Orlando Skate Park, as well as the City’s bike network.

Listed alongside those activities, visitors can find local restaurants, many with outdoor dining; breweries with to-go drinks, eco-conscience boutiques and makers that offer items unique to the area, and hidden gems that are usually only familiar to locals.

The Directors of each of the participating Main Street Districts identified the need to join together to market Orlando’s close-in neighborhoods as a tourist destination for people looking for authentic and human-scale experiences.

Participating districts:

“This project really began as a way to offer safe, fun programming to visitors, such as a self guided outdoor mural tour,” said Jennifer Marvel, executive director of the Audubon Park Garden District. “From there it grew into a platform to promote other safe activities such as tree walks, outdoor dining opportunities and so on. In fact, we’ve all been asked over the years for a combined website where people can find things to do at a variety of Orlando Main Streets without having to visit each of ours separately, so this is a step in that direction... I’m excited about it.

Organizers plan to expand the platform to other Main Street Districts, and use it as a continued marketing platform well into the future. “This is a new beginning for Orlando’s neighborhoods to establish themselves as places that are worth visiting.” said Zac Alfson, executive director of The Milk District. “When I travel across the country, neighborhoods like ours are the ones I seek out. Let’s make it easier for people to find what is fun and unique in Orlando."

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