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Lake Nona Creatively Turns Stormwater Management On Its Ear With New Half-Mile Long Park

On Thursday, Lake Nona announced it had a creative and eco-friendly alternative to stormwater management for a particular half-mile stretch of land reaching from Lake Nona Town Center to the center of the community's Laureate Park neighborhood.

Rather than hide the water inside underground pipes and then topping them with a road running the length of the slender property, Lake Nona is bringing the water up and out, turning it into the visual focal point of a proposed seven-acre 100 ft wide half-mile long park.

“We could have gone the traditional route of building a road and the infrastructure to manage stormwater underground, but instead we challenged our team to be resourceful and think differently, says Tavistock Development Company President Jim Zboril.

The park, designed by local landscape architect Dix.Hite + Partners, is planned to include the following:

  1. Separate paths for (1) autonomous shuttles, (2) walking and running, (3) biking

  2. A two-acre communal area with a large lawn, playground, and shaded recreational areas on which to host community events

  3. Pocket parks

  4. Canopied seating options

  5. Mature trees relocated from other parts of Lake Nona.

  6. Potential art installations

The project is expected to begin construction in 2020 and will be operated by Tavistock.


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