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Future-Ready Master Plan in the Works by the City

The City of Orlando has begun the process of creating the Future-Ready City Master Plan (Website) Mayor Buddy Dyer announced during the June 2019 State of the City address.

This master plan will create a "well-planned, collaborative vision for the future of Orlando" that will advance resident opportunities and ensure that Orlando is in "the best possible position to take advantage of the innovative and technological advances coming our way." 

The plan will involve efforts in six areas: 

  1. Energy and Utilities

  2. Public Safety

  3. Built Environment

  4. Transportation System

  5. Water and Wastewater

  6. Solid Waste Management

To help guide the creation of this master plan, the City is partnering with VHB (Website) and a group of other local consultants. They will help organize and lead engagement with other governments, the business community, educational partners, utility providers, nonprofits and residents to further define and organize actionable efforts.

Input will be gathered in a number of ways including internal city stakeholder discussions, focus-area roundtables for each pillar, public workshops and an online platform where any resident can provide feedback.

During the development of this master plan, the city intends to define what being “future ready” means to Orlando, including a vision, mission, goals and high-level strategies.  This will also include development of an actionable roadmap to achieve its goals, including project areas, timelines, priorities and potential business models.   

Roadmap recommendations as well as a full report on the planning process are anticipated to be presented at a City Council Workshop this summer.

Want to get involved?

Residents can attend the Orlando Future-Ready City Master Plan Community Meeting (Event Page) Tuesday, February 4th, 6pm to 8:30pm in the Ballroom inside the Beardall Senior Center at 800 Delaney Ave (MAP). Mayor Buddy Dyer and District 4 Commissioner Patty Sheehan will be present. The City will discuss the master plan and roadmap. RSVP here

Read more about this project on the City of Orlando Future Ready Information Page.


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