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Food Hall Coming to Maitland After All

The folks behind Spindrift food hall pulled out (Wimps!) so the folks behind Maitland City Centre are doing their own. (Not wimps!)

Maitland City Centre is getting a food hall after all! A new food hall hybrid is coming into the project after the Grandstaff/Ashy/Bonomo/Miller team yanked their 6,756 sq ft Spindrift Food Hall concept last year due to "too many new (restaurant) projects hitting the (Maitland) market at the same time."

The Maitland City Centre Market food hall hybrid project consists of 5 individual food stall bays ranging from 550-632 sq ft. Each stall will have its own glass garage door w/separate entrance door and individual restrooms.

Each stall will have its own outside seating area linked to their neighbor to allow for patrons to easily dine, drink and experience the various concepts in an open format. They also front Independence Lane that will be part of the City of Maitland’s park project and will host numerous City events throughout the year.

Tenants will sign 3-5 year leases like a traditional lease. Rates are variable starting at $2500 a month. These stall spaces are intended to be the next stepping stone for entrepreneurial businesses that love the ideal of a food hall but want the ability to open and close by their own hours, create their own unique spaces and continue to build their individual brands.

Small local food makers interested in getting a spot in this market should contact Willow Shambeck ( or Sandi Bargfrede (

The now-empty 6,756 sq ft Spindrift Food hall space at the corner of US 17-92 and Horatio Ave is for lease right now. It's listed now as an "Anchor Restaurant" space which includes outside seating and rooftop patio options, negotiable terms and strong landlord incentives.


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