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The History of Executive Order 20-71

Governor Ron DeSantis

Executive Order 20-71 was filed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 1:22pm Friday. Read it here. It banned restaurants until May 8th and possibly later from selling food for consumption on site, allowing them only to sell through delivery and pick up.

Here's a brief history of what led up to this.

On Monday March 16th the President's Cornavirus Guidelines for America were released which stated people should "avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants..."

  1. Indiana did it Monday with 24 cases

  2. Kentucky did it Monday with 25 cases

  3. Ohio did it Sunday with 37 cases

  4. Connecticut did it Monday with 41 cases

  5. Maryland did it Monday with 43 cases

  6. Oregon did it Monday with 47 cases

  7. Washington did it Monday with 42 cases

  8. Michigan did it Monday with 50 cases

  9. Pennsylvania did it in several counties Monday with 96 cases.

  10. Illinois did it Monday with 105 cases

  11. Louisiana did it Monday with 132 cases

  12. Massachusetts did it Monday with 164 cases

  13. New Jersey did it Monday with 178 cases

  14. New York did it Monday with 950 cases

Monday Florida had 142 cases of coronavirus.

Monday Florida did not ban it.

Tuesday Florida had 192 cases of coronavirus.

Tuesday Florida did not ban it.

That same day DeSantis issued an Executive Order actually allowing on-site dining so long as seating was limited to 50% capacity and 6 feet of distance was kept between seated parties. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association's President & CEO Carol Dover said in a press release, “I want to commend Governor DeSantis for his extraordinary leadership in keeping Floridians safe during this unprecedented time."

Wednesday Florida had 314 cases of coronavirus.

Wednesday Florida did not ban it.

Thursday Florida had over 400 cases of coronavirus.

Thursday nine more states banned on-site dining taking the total number of states to 25.

Thursday Florida did not ban it.

Friday Florida had 563 cases of coronavirus.

Friday March 20th Florida banned on-site dining at restaurants.

*** Executive Order 20-71 will expire upon the expiration of Executive Order 20-52 including any extensions. Executive Order 20-52 is the one in which the Governor declared a State of Emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That Order is to end 60 days from when it was executed March 9th including any extensions.


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