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Downtown Orlando Info Center Going Full Throttle Yellow This Fall

Interactive screens, lots of yellows, and a cool local store will sell downtown Orlando inside the new info center coming this Fall.

The Downtown Orlando Information Center at 201 South Orange Ave is getting a renovation starting this Thursday and expected to be completed this Fall. The space will expand from 1,950 sq. ft. to 3,800 sq. ft. and contain new enhancements including new digital and interactive experiences, local retail offerings, local art, and the ongoing promotion of new downtown offerings.

Draft concepts of the renovated Center can be viewed here.

The Center will close June 29th and maintain a temporary residence inside the City Arts Factory starting July 10th at the corner of Orange and Pine.

From the presentation: "'Information Center' is what we were yesterday. Say hello to the future. We are not distributing information inside these walls. We are revealing our makers. We are connecting with visitors and locals. We are leading the way to discovering DTO’s tastes, sounds, events, and experiences. And we’re even showing people the fun ways to get there. Yesterday we were an information center. Tomorrow we are a brand and experience activation center, and the experience begins with a resolute and bold “HELLO!” that welcomes locals and visitors alike."

Items to Sell

  • General Items

    • Books (Bookmark It, Analys said they have a book at the Gallery at Avalon Island)

    • Snowglobe

    • Postcards

    • Greeting cards

    • Ornaments

    • Magnets

    • Reusable bags

    • Water bottle

    • Art prints

    • Orlando shirts

    • Secret Society Goods

    • Pins (Hellcats)

    • Embroidered linens

    • Corksicle (only if custom per Stephanie’s suggestion)

    • Orlando United shirts

    • City flags

  • Men

    • Lake Eola Fountain socks (or similar)

    • Lake Eola tie (or similar)

    • Cuff links

  • Women

    • Jewlery (Gypset Co.)

  • Children

    • Swan stuffed animal

    • SunRail train toy

  • Food

  • Black Bee Honey

  • Popcorn from Popcorn Junkie

  • Chocolate

  • Credo Coffee Beans or coffee beans from Lineage Craft Coffee

  • Water

Items to Stay Away From

  • Pottery (Rose said that is didn’t do well at the History Center gift shop or Leu Garden gifts shop)

  • Man bags

  • Soaps/lotions/perfumes/colognes (Rose does not want the smells in the Info Center)

  • Ice cream or things that need to be refrigerated

  • Shoe headlights

  • Porch Therapy (they already have a presence at North Quarter Market)

Other items of Note

  • We are going to need bags to put merchandise

  • Cart outside the Info Center

    • Walter didn’t like the bike

    • Rose mentioned hitching the cart to the golf cart

    • Storage areas in the bike need to be lockable

    • When not in use, display at the Info Center


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