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Fire at Beefy King in Milk District

Beefy King (Instagram | Website), a 51 year old fast food restaurant in the Milk District at 424 N Bumby Ave (MAP) caught fire Tuesday morning at 1am. There were no injuries and the damage to the building was minimal. The front door is shattered.

Arson investigators are are looking into the fire as a possible arson case. The fire started in the back of the restaurant.

The restaurant will be closed Tuesday and possibly longer.

Beefy King's Instagram post: "We are very sad to report our beloved Beefy King caught fire around 1am. No one was hurt & Minimal damage to the building. We are already working to clean up and open ASAP. The safety of our employees & customers are priority. Thank to the person that called 911 and reported the fire. The Orlando Fire Dept acted swiftly & prevented the fire from spreading. The Orlando police Dept has been so helpful as well. Everything is being investigated and we are trying to wrap our head around this.51 years we have survived hurricanes & other mishaps, never have we dealt with fire. We will keep you informed. Thank you for your support and prayers."


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