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New Coffee Shop Moving Into Audubon Park Former Gas Station

A new coffee shop called Lobos Coffee Roasters (Website | Instagram) will be moving into the former National Food Mart gas station at 3000 Corrine Drive (MAP) in the Audubon Park business district.

The coffee will be sourced from all over the world thanks to Owner Tony Villalobos. His family has been growing coffee in Panama for generations. Opening Lobos Coffee Roasters has been a dream of his for five years.

"Our main goal is to roast great coffee and have a retail coffee shop with a welcoming environment," Juan P. Sierra, Cofounder of Lobos, told The Daily City.

The space will be "...somewhere people can get work done during the day and come back at night..." he said.

Villalobos and Sierra have been best friends since they met as teenagers in Miami.

Beer and wine will be sold in the evenings.

A food menu with sandwiches, croissants, avocado toast, charcuterie boards and more will be offered.

As for the look and feel, Sierra says expect "rustic meets clean." Also expect sprinkles of black and gold throughout the space - they both graduated from UCF.

The interior got divided into two retail spaces over a year go, but the dividing wall will be knocked down and one large space will be created.

Interior demolition began Monday March 23rd. An early start permit was issued last week. The demolition work is being done by BDM (Website).

The gas pumps as well as the canopy shading them will all be removed to make way for parking.

A back porch will be built and will contain outdoor seating.

A soft opening is expected for July.

This property was one of three available in the Audubon Park The Daily City told readers about July 2019.

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audubon park gas station
A former gas station at a busy intersection in the well known Audubon Park district is getting a new tenant: Lobos Coffee Roasters.

Demolition on the Audubon Park gas station began Monday March 23rd.

The retail space on the left side of the former gas station building.

The retail space on the right side of the former gas station building.


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