Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shoppes of College Park Closed

UPDATE 1:13PM The founders of The Shoppes of College Park released a statement about the closure. See the yellow box below.

The Shoppes of College Park (About) at 2308 Edgewater Drive, a multi-vendor market space in College Park, closed on Friday. Three of the vendors are moving across the street into a new space. The space will remain in the possession of the current renters, but no future use has been announced. 

Modera Central Downtown Apartment Building's Million Dollar Fee to Be Cut in Half by City

Modera Central Development coming to 150 E. Central Blvd (MAP) in downtown Orlando is asking the city for a 47.5% decrease in their Transportation Impact Fees.

This action, along with a Previous Use/Demolition Credit of $218,268.20*** would reduce the moneys the city would receive from $1,113,688.85 to $470,095.84.

contract agreement was drawn up by the Chief Assistant City Attorney and will be presented to City Council on Monday July 25th. 

The Modera Central Development project will contain the following: 
  1. 350 multi-family residential dwelling units
  2. 12,384 square feet of ground floor retail space 
  3. 9,650 square feet of space on the ground floor for a new University Club facility (with an additional 5,330 square feet of ground floor mezzanine space)
  4. 10,551 square feet of second floor space for a new University Club facility (with an additional 5,544 square feet of second floor mezzanine space)
In total, Modera will contain 43,459 square feet of commercial space. 

Modera is asking for this reduction because it claims to be a Transit Oriented Development (TOD). 

A TOD is described by the city in the following manner: 
“A development site, as that term is defined in this Section, any portion of which is located within 1⁄4-mile walking distance along a designated roadway from a premium transit stop or station (SunRail or LYMMO). Walking distance shall be measured from the development site’s nearest property line to a premium transit stop or station utilizing a clear path of travel at least five (5) foot in width, located on a separate surface from the roadway, such as a designated sidewalk or multi-use trail. In calculating the distance for purposes of TOD, temporary obstructions to the path of travel arising from construction projects shall be ignored so long as the obstructed path of travel shall be restored upon completion of the construction project.” 
In October of 2012 the Orlando City Council adopted a code provision allowing for a reduction in Transportation Impact Fees for qualifying development sites, to reflect the lessened traffic impacts of a Transit Oriented Development (TOD). 

Three of the four following criteria must be met for that reduction: 
  1. The development site shall be composed of a compact, dense mixture of land uses, including residential, with the ground floor consisting of primarily (>50%) active uses, as defined in this Chapter. 
  2. Pedestrian facilities serving the development site shall meet or exceed City codes and policies. 
  3. Bicycle facilities serving the development site shall meet or exceed City codes and policies. 
  4. The Developer shall enter into an agreement(s) to fund or subsidize transit ridership for employees, residents, and/or guests at the development site.
Modera Central says it has demonstrated that the Project meets three of the four reduction criteria as evidenced in a November 25, 2015 Transit Oriented Development (TOD) application. 

The city has determined the following:
  1. Dining, meeting, fitness, athletic, and indoor recreation facilities operated as an exclusive membership (private) social club constitute “active uses” per City Code. 
  2. Dining and meeting facilities within the new University Club facility shall have Transportation Impact Fees assessed at the “Quality Restaurant” rate and that fitness, athletic, and indoor recreation facilities contained within the new University Club facility shall have Transportation Impact Fees assessed at the “Retail” rate, consistent with land use definitions contained in the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Trip Generation Manual, 9th edition, with the specific Retail rate used based on the square footage subcategories currently used for other Retail land uses. 
  3. The Project is within the (Orlando) Downtown Development of Regional Impact (DRI), and is within the Downtown (Area 1A) Transportation Impact Fee Rate, and the North Transportation Impact Fee Benefit Area. 
Modern would be required to annually provide documentation that verifies its continual compliance with the qualifying Transit Oriented Development (TOD) criteria. The Project is required to continue to meet three of the four TOD criteria throughout t's occupation and use. 
***12,270 sf Quality Rest. & 12,213 Retail/Fitness Club

The portion of the city block at the corner of Central and Rosalind in downtown Orlando where the Modera Central Development will be located. 

The Heights Market Food Hall in Tampa to Open in 2017

The Orlando food hall scene as we know is currently in the works with existing and new projects in the works.

Announced in June of this year, Tampa is getting a food hall in 2017. 

Named The Heights Market (Website), this food hall will have 16 quick-serve vendors and two sit-down restaurants.

The food hall will be located inside the Armature Works building (Website) at 1910 N. Ola Avenue, Tampa FL 33602 (MAP) within a 43-acre mixed use live/work development called The Heights (Website).

The Heights will include apartments, offices, restaurants and an expansion of the Tampa Riverwalk.

The Heights Market will feature an open floor plan with communal seating surrounded by restaurants featuring Tampa chefs and restaurateurs.

This industrial market environment will offer a mix of prepared foods, meats and cheeses, produce, beer, wine, specialty cocktails, fresh flowers and desserts.

The Heights Market will include an interactive kitchen for hosting educational cooking classes and pop-up dinners in collaboration with the Heights Market tenants.

In addition to the 16 vendors in the Heights Market, Armature Works will contain the following:
  1. Steelbach: a modern eatery and cocktail bar owned by the established local hospitality group BE-1 Concepts. Steelbach will be sourcing from its in-house butcher and charcuterie, Steelbach Ranch located in the Market.
  2. Rooftop, a riverfront cuisine and cocktail bar located on the southwest end of the building with downtown Tampa as a scenic backdrop for a special evening or an afternoon casual lunch. 
  3. Atlantic Beer & Oyster (ABO), your neighborhood oyster bar is located at the bottom of the water tower just adjacent to the Riverwalk. Flanking Armature Works’ west side
  4. A top culinary national tenant to be added in the near future
"The Heights master plan covers 43 acres along the Hillsborough River between North Boulevard and North Tampa Street," according to 83 Degrees Media. Tampa Mayor Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says the project is on land that “may be one of the most valuable pieces of land in the southeastern United States.”

The project is one of many from Soho Capital.

Don't know what a food hall is? We recommend flipping through some slide shows:
  1. MSN - 50 best food halls in America
  2. The Daily Meal - 50 best food halls in America
  3. Travel and Leisure - America's best food halls
  4. Zagat - 11 Must-Visit Food Halls in America
The layout

City of Orlando Compressed Natural Gas Garbage Truck Costs $316,809

City of Orlando is authorizing $316,809 for a compressed natural gas garbage truck to further the City's Sustainability Initiative and supplement the City's CNG refuse trucks currently in service.

The purchase required the "use of the Florida Sheriff's Association Contract with Kenworth (Website) of Central Florida" for the purchase. This contract is the same contract that was required to purchase 35 motorcycles for the Police Department recently. 

Fleet & Facilities Management Division Manager David Dunn approved the CNG refuse truck purchase. The truck is a Kenworth/ Heil rear loader  (C16-0328). 
"The Fleet Management Division and Solid Waste Management Division are requesting to utilize Florida Sheriff's Association Contract #15-13-0904 with Kenworth of Central Florida, of Orlando, Florida, for the purchase of one (1) 2016 Kenworth T880 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cab and chassis truck with a Heil DuraPack 5000 rear loader refuse body, at a total cost of $316,809.00, in accordance with the previously approved standardization of Heil refuse bodies for the City's Solid Waste Management fleet."

Monday, July 25, 2016

Orlando City Soccer Stadium Land Used to Have Streets and Lots

This might be old news to some, but for others, it might be the first time seeing this information. Below is the current version of the platting done to the property beneath Orlando City Soccer Stadium in Parramore. It's pretty much one giant square-ish property. 

Below is what the platting looked like beforehand. The land had a public park called Parramore Heritage Park, a strips of South Parramore Ave and West Pine Street, and several lots. 

Timucua White House Gets Parking Help from City

The Timucua Arts Foundation (Website) hosts over 70 musical concerts and other arts related activities and events per year, the majority of which are free and open to the public at it's "White House" venue at 2001 Hamilton Lane  (MAP). 

According to the City, the foundation’s activities at the White House provide a community service consistent with the Cultural Arts Element of the City’s Growth Management Plan by fostering a rich cultural life, accessible to all residents and visitors, through the provision of high quality cultural opportunities by local arts organizations.

Owner Benoit Glazer requested a conditional use permit (CUP) to allow a public benefit use consisting of the art Foundation’s activities at the White House and on April 19, 2016 the Municipal Planning Board (MPB) of the City recommended approval of the request. 

On May 23, 2016, City Council approved MPB’s recommendation and granted the CUP, subject to certain conditions, including the condition that a formal long term parking agreement be obtained to provide parking for events at the White House in compliance with the City’s Land Development Code.

The City owns a surface parking lot adjacent to Wadeview Park at 2177 S Summerlin Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806 (MAP) and has agreed to enter into a Parking Agreement with the Foundation pursuant to the terms and conditions of a Parking Agreement for Wadeview Parking Lot. 

The Foundation will have limited and non-exclusive use of the Wadeview parking lot and there will be no fee charged to the Foundation or its guests attending functions at the White House. 

 The term of the Agreement will be three (3) years commencing on August 1, 2016 and ending on July 31, 2019 and may be extended for two (2) additional terms of three (3) year each.

The parking spaces within the Wadeview Parking Lot will be available for the parking needs of TAFI, guests and invitees from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Sundays as scheduled in advance by the TAFI with the city, except that should the city need to use any of the spaces during such time for a public event, city will provide a minimum of five days’ written notice thereof to TAFI, and upon such notice being given the parking spaces shall not be available for use by TAFI during that time period. 

TAFI may use the parking spaces at days and times other than set forth above, provided that such spaces are available and that TAFI provides the CITY with at least five (5) days prior notice of its desire to use such spaces for a function at the Property allowed by the CUP.
TAFI will pay the CITY a $500 security deposit for the performance of all obligations of TAFI under this Agreement. 

Timucua Arts Foundation's White House

Surface parking lot adjacent to Wadeview Park

Wadeview Park

Cloak & Dapper Orlando Mens Clothing Store Closing Location to Focus on Online and Events

We told you about Cloak & Dapper in 2013 and featured them in our pop up shop in 2013 and again in 2014. Since then they opened a bricks & mortar store in Ivanhoe Village, sold clothes and hosted many parties, films and events in that space. 

While the brand is staying around, Cloak & Dapper has announced they will be closing their doors to the bricks & mortar location. They will go back to being online-only and will host occasional pop up shops and events. 

Here's the full letter they sent us on Sunday: 

To Our Orlando Customers & Friends,

Cloak & Dapper’s brick & mortar location in Orlando’s Ivanhoe Village community will be closing it's doors in August.

We are pivoting the brand to online focused shopping, as well as innovating unique pop up retail experiences and events here in Orlando and elsewhere. We are also excited to finally commit more time and creativity to our private label product development in 2017.

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a deep and heartfelt thanks to the friends, family, mentors and community who helped make this shop a reality, and for filling it with so many great memories! Thank you to our loyal customers for shopping with us and for supporting American made products and small business. We hope you’ll continue to do so.

To those we know, and to those we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet, who have entrepreneurial goals and dreams to shape their own destinies here in Orlando, please don’t let this announcement discourage you. But rather inspire you to reach for the highest rung in all you do. Go big or go home. This is not a period for us, though. It is an ellipses. We are beyond excited to dream it up all over again.

We hope you'll swing back in soon one last time before our Ivanhoe location closes, and lovingly support those who fill it next. Thanks for your support and patronage!

And please continue to shop with us online at CLKDPR.com. Where we’re always open.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Orlando Food Truck Gets Gelato into Lucky's Market

Orlando food truck Sweet City Gelato's gelato pints will soon be on Lucky's Market shelves in Orlando!

Lucky's Market had a program set up to test and then sell locally made products. Sweet City Gelato was tested and accepted into the program.

The sweets truck has been attending Orlando food truck events and handling catering operations for about four years. 

The first store to carry their pints Was The Meat Market in Winter Park. 

Sweet City Gelato is made with locally sourced milk & cream from a sustainable family farm. Their sorbetto flavors are dairy free, vegan and made with real fruit. The company offers over 40 gelato and sorbetto flavors. 

All photos courtesy Sweet City Gelato

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shake Shack Summer Menu

I never turn down free food, especially if it's from a place I actually like. 

On Saturday Shake Shack hosted a blogger meetup and gave us a chance to try some summer-only items and some normal menu items. 

Bacon Cheddar Shack

Chicken Sammich

Shake Sandy: beer + lemonade 

Cookies and cream shake

Raspberry lemonade

Friday, July 22, 2016

Pho 88 - 31 Health Violations Gone the Very Next Day

Pho 88 (YELP) at 9728 E Colonial Drive (MAP) got inspected by DBPR on July 12th which required a follow up inspection on July 13 due to 31 violations. The violations includes a hand wash sink with no soap, no hand towels and no way to reach it due to items being stored in it.

On the second inspection a day later, the restaurant literally cleaned up t's act: not one violation was found.

31 Violations - July 12
Violation  Observation
16-03-4  Basic - Accumulation of debris inside warewashing machine. **Warning**
16-21-4  Basic - Accumulation of debris on exterior of warewashing machine. **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
14-01-4  Basic - Bowl or other container with no handle used to dispense food. In flour bag by walk in freezer. **Corrected On-Site** **Repeat Violation** **Admin Complaint**
23-25-4  Basic - Build-up of grease on hood filters. **Warning**
51-11-4  Basic - Carbon dioxide tanks not adequately secured. By reach in cooler in bar area. **Warning**
08B-45-4  Basic - Case/container/bag of food stored on floor in walk-in freezer. Raw Beef and Raw Chicken. **Repeat Violation** **Admin Complaint**
08B-12-4  Basic - Food stored in holding unit not covered. Squid, Tofu, Broccoli in reach in cooler in front of cook line area. **Warning**
10-11-4  Basic - In-use rice scoop/spoon stored in standing water less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Water 85°F. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
10-20-4  Basic - In-use tongs stored on equipment door handle between uses. On oven handle in cook line area. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
10-01-4  Basic - In-use utensil in nonpotentially hazardous (non-time/temperature control for safety) food not stored with handle above top of food within a closed container. In cornstarch bag by walk in freezer. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
36-62-4  Basic - Light not functioning. In hood in cook line area. **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
31B-04-4  Basic - No handwashing sign provided at a hand sink used by food employees. In bar area. **Warning**
12B-13-4  Basic - Opened employee beverage container on a cold holding unit with food to be served to customers. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
25-05-4  Basic - Single-service articles improperly stored. Lids on floor in front of walk in freezer. **Warning**
23-09-4  Basic - Soiled reach-in cooler gaskets. In front of cook line area. **Warning**
08B-14-4  Basic - Stored food not covered in walk-in freezer. Raw Beef. **Warning**
36-26-4  Basic - Wall soiled with accumulated black debris in dishwashing area. Above Three compartment sink and by Dish Machine. **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
22-41-4  High Priority - Dishmachine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength. Discontinue use of dishmachine for sanitizing and set up manual sanitization until dishmachine is repaired and sanitizing properly. Chlorine 0ppm. **Warning**
41-05-4  High Priority - Pesticide/insecticide labeled for household use only present in establishment. **Warning**
03A-02-4  High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooked Beef (49°F - Cold Holding); Meatballs (49°F - Cold Holding); Cooked shrimp (48°F - Cold Holding); Tendon (49°F - Cold Holding) in top area in reach in cooler in front of cook line area, Bean Sprout (49°F - Cold Holding) on top in reach in cooler in back preparation area. **Repeat Violation** **Admin Complaint**
03B-01-4  High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) hot held at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Eggrolls (104°F, 107°F - Hot Holding) above fryers in cook line area, Rice (93°F - Hot Holding) in back preparation area. **Warning**
08A-02-5  High Priority - Raw animal food stored over or with ready-to-eat food in walk-in freezer - not all products commercially packaged. Raw Beef over Cooked Chicken. **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
08A-10-4  High Priority - Raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food in reach-in cooler. Raw shell eggs over Cooked Beef in reach in cooler in kitchen area. **Corrected On-Site** **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
22-27-4  Intermediate - Food-contact surfaces encrusted with old food debris. Smashing equipment under preparation table by walk in freezer. **Repeat Violation** **Admin Complaint**
31A-03-4  Intermediate - Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the sink. Utensils in cook line area. **Corrected On-Site** **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
31B-02-4  Intermediate - No paper towels or mechanical hand drying device provided at handwash sink. In bar area. **Warning**
31B-03-4  Intermediate - No soap provided at handwash sink. In bar area. **Warning**
03F-10-4  Intermediate - No written procedures available for use of time as a public health control to hold potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food. For food in cook line area: cornstarch, garlic and oil. **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
02C-04-4  Intermediate - Operator is not properly tracking/marking the number of days ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food prepared onsite was held at refrigeration temperatures prior to freezing in order to properly date mark the food when it is thawed and held at refrigeration temperatures again. Cooked Beef, Cooked Chicken in reach in freezer. **Warning**
53B-13-5  Intermediate - Proof of required state approved employee training not available for some employees. To order approved program food safety material, call DBPR contracted provider: Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (SafeStaff) 866-372-7233. **Warning**
02C-02-4  Intermediate - Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food prepared onsite and held more than 24 hours not properly date marked. Cooked Beef in reach in cooler. **Repeat Violation** **Admin Complaint**