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Sunrail Will Suck Monday So It's Free

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Every Food Truck Bazaar in September 2017

The Daily City's Food Truck Bazaar

Clermont Sept 20
6-9pm Waterfront Park, 330 3rd St, Clermont
Aji Food TruckBurger LabEl Cactus AzulLittle Blue Donut TruckNaked CupcakeSwedeDishSweet City GelatoUp In Smoke BBQVooDoo Kitchen

Winter Garden Horizons West Sept 21 5-9pm

Orchard Hills:14441 Orchard Hills Blvd. Winter Garden
El CubanitoSMACSweet City GelatoSummerlake8016 Pond Apple Dr Winter Garden
Angelo’s Italian KitchenChiPhiNaked CupcakeUp in SmokeIndependence:14213 Pleach Street Winter Garden
900 DegreezBurger LabCaro-Bama BBQEl Cactus AzulLittle Blue Donut TruckWatermark:9410 Holliston Creek Place Winter Garden
Tamale Co.It’s All Greek to MeVooDoo Kitchen

Casselberry Sept 22
6-9pm Casselberry City Hall, 95 Triplet Lake Drive
Currywurst Monsta LobstaUp in SmokeTamale CoTacos MazatlanNaked CupcakeTastebudsCafe Bourbon StreetHayburner Eclectic Kitchen

Windermere September 22
5-9:30pm 520 Main St, Windermere
900 Degreez PizzaAngelo's Italian KitchenBarnwood BBQBB Happy FoodBurger LabCafe Roug…

10 Things to Know This Week

Eola Coffee Company

We discovered a unique local business rooted in the history of Orlando. In 1927, a local coffee company called Eola Coffee Company was started by Robert Riddle and Luther Fugerson in Orlando. We can't find much online about the company except the following:

The offices were located at 304 W. South Street (MAP). The company was incorporated May 7, 1961. Its incorporation status was changed to inactive in 1971. It never had a registered trademark. 
We are digging more into this locally created brand for more information and will share what we find soon.

May 1935
May 1935
The first mention of Eola Coffee Company in print that we could find happened less than a year after the company was created. It was mentioned in a story about a special event appearing on the January 21, 1928 edition of the Orlando Morning Sentinel. 

This is where it was located: 304 W. South Street
On December 9, 1927 it was announced that Luther Fugerson had sold his interest in Eola Coffee Company to P.J. Miller.…

Orlando is Really Boring and Really Ratchet Except for Braxton

By Mark Baratelli

"It's really boring and really ratchet," answers a young woman in downtown Orlando being interviewed by Braxton Goes to Church for a video called How Do You Like Orlando? If you think this is funny then watch the whole video. It's hilarious.

Braxton (Instagram | Twitter) has a way of making every interviewee he meets feel comfortable. He walks around downtown Orlando during the drinking hours striking up convos and making new friends.

Every video on his youtube channel follows a similar format: talking to booze-engulfed (and some completely sober-acting) people about various topics including the aforementioned Orlando, why you drink, if you're single and your favorite position to name a few.

We recommend subscribing to the channel and watching out for more hilarity.

Amazon Belongs in Lake Nona But Hey LYNX is Working on Itself Y'all

Photo Credit


By Mark Baratelli

Updated Sept 16 12:42am

The City of Orlando announced it will "aggressively pursue" getting Amazon to locate its 50,000-job Amazon HQ2 in the city. Amazon is looking at several cities for possible location of the headquarters. The company that will eat the planet invited the City to pitch against other major US cities for the opportunity. If Orlando is chosen, it'll mean thousands of new jobs, a huge influx of cash and spending and tax money (unless Orlando does what it always does and corporate-welfares itself into poverty). 
Lake Nona is the logical spot on which to plop the new Amazon mother ship. It's a huge swath of classy-people housing (they're building Orlando's first micro-apartments) that's soon getting its own massive downtown-ish downtown and a giant crystal clear mega-lagoon. More importantly, Amazon workers can walk, bike and shop all within miles of their job site. This real E.P.C.O.T. will soon Pl…