Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flexible Public Realm to be the Focal Point of Crescent Lucerne

The 4.6 acre Crescent Lucerne mixed use project in SODO (South Downtown Orlando) at 725 Main Lane went before the Appearance Review Board for a final review.

The Crescent Lucerne project will include the following:
  1. 373 multi-family units
  2. 5-story building on east parcel
  3. 4-story multi-family building plus on west parcel
  4. 31,000 s.f. of retail
  5. 24,000 s.f. Organic grocery store
  6. 7,000 s.f. for a restaurant
  7. Significant and flexible public realm designed to create an inviting and interactive environment for residents and visitor
  8. 695 parking spaces 
The development's Flexible Public Realm will feature the following in its Landscape/Hardscape vocabulary:

The Development:

Monday, May 30, 2016

Constitution Green Park Getting Dog Run and Sidewalks

Sidewalks, a seating area, dog run and associated facilities are features of a Request for a Certificate of Appearance Approval for improvements to Constitution Green Park (301 S. Eola Drive).


The Sevens Signage In NODO (North Downtown)

The developer Craig Ustler is constructing The Sevens (Website), a 9 story mixed use building with 10,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, 334 apartment units, and a 597 space, 7-story integrated parking structure. 

It's located in NODO (North Downtown). 

Sixty parking spaces are proposed on the ground floor of the building to service the retail uses. The project also includes a dog run, a playground, a ground floor courtyard, clubhouse and leasing area, plus a ninth floor lounge, game room, fitness center, and pool. 

The 2.5 acre site extends almost a full block along N. Orange Avenue on the southeast corner of Park Lake Street. 

A Master Sign Plan (MSP) was submitted to the City of Orlando Appearance Review Board. Below are the visuals included in that sign plan. 

Pi Pizza Opens Mouth for W. Church Street Sigange

Pi Pizza wants approval to get 30 extra feet than normally allowed for their two internally illuminated signs placed on two sides of their building at 534 W. Church Street. 

The building was constructed in 1922. 

The project site is .22 acres and the existing structure is listed as being 6,055 s.f. according to the O.C. Property Appraiser. There are two tenant spaces in the building. 

There are two proposed sings for Pi Pizza. One is an internally illuminated channel letter sign on the Church St. façade of the building and the second is a sign painted on the east façade of the building. 

The channel letter sign is 40 s.f. and the painted sign is 60 s.f. 

Based on the 75 linear feet of building frontage the entire building is permitted a total of 150 s.f. of signage. 

The ARB application package also includes a signed Management Control Letter from Trevor Myers, the property owner that assigns 100 s.f. of signage to Pi Pizza and the remainder to the adjacent tenant space, a barber shop. 

This application from Pi Pizza is a request for a Major Certificate of Appearance Approval because the total sign area exceeds 30 square feet. The application meets all code requirements. 

Se7en Bites Update: New Signage + Paint Job Begun

The former BBQ restaurant building into which Se7en Bites (Facebook) is moving into has a fresh coat of paint and new signage hung at the entrance. 

The new signage dripping from the old ranch-style metal sign bones include the words Southern Fare, Nostalgic, Sweets and Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch.

The sign facing perpendicular from the roadway has the restaurant's logo and colors as well. 

88 Arts Programs Created in 47 Schools

Since 2008, eighty-eight new arts programs have been added in 47 schools in the Osceola School District. For the past four years, new funding from corporate and public funds given to Osceola School District through United Arts of Central Florida (Website) has created many arts opportunities including:  
  1. All 5th graders in Osceola County may attend the Young People’s Concert with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. Jazz instruction for middle and high school bands
  3. In-school Shakespeare presentations
  4. stART program: a summer arts intensive created by Osceola School District with Juilliard-trained teaching artists to stimulate students to think BIG through the arts
Also, because Walt Disney World is the largest for-profit employer of arts workers in the world, Osceola School District changed the new Osceola High school from STEM to STEAM. The A is for the arts. The change will provide prep for high demand back-of- house arts and entertainment jobs. This transition was inspired by the Career Pathways to Creative Sector Jobs program already in progress at Evans High School in Orange County.

During the retiring superintendent Melba Luciano's tenure, the arts budget had never been cut. 

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Homelessness Dropped 24% in Central Florida

The map above shows the 13.6% decrease in homelessness in the State of Florida from 2014 to 2015. Credit: State of Homelessness Report 2016

There's been a 23.6 percent decrease in homeless individuals in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties as of Jan. 27, 2016 according to the PIT count conducted by the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida (Website).

The PIT count is an annual physical count of homeless individuals who meet the federal definition of homeless as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Communities that receive federal funding for homeless services are required to conduct a comprehensive homeless shelter and street count at least every two years in order to maintain funding eligibility. 

Since January 2015, the homeless count went from 2,112 to 1,613. 

Fast facts from the PIT count: 
  • 60% female, 40% male 
  • 23 percent were children
  • 15 percent were families
  • 14 percent Veterans
During 2015, agencies in the tri-county region reported moving 3,387 people from homelessness into permanent housing. 

Information that is collected is subsequently documented in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). 

Orange County is the single largest funder of public services for the homeless in Central Florida: $7 million. 

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Orlando’s only LGBTQ+ Band 5th Anniversary Concert

Central Florida Sounds of Freedom Band and Color Guard, Orlando’s only LGBTQ+ band presents their 5th Anniversary concert, “Looking Back, Marching Forward” June 12th at 3 p.m. at the Orlando Repertory Theatre.

The selections will range from Classical to Broadway. Tickets are $10 and are available online.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Brew Pubs to Flourish in Orlando if City Council Approves Planning Board's New Rules

According to the Orlando Sentinel, City of Orlando's planning board ok'd new zoning rules for brew pubs that would encourage new growth in that industry. The new zoning rules, once ok'd by City Council, would change the proportion of manufacturing space (where the beer is made) to retail space (where the beer is enjoyed by customers) from the original 25/100 split to a new 50/50 split. Read More

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Car Vending Machine Tops Cupcake ATM

We told you about the Cupcake ATM (Read about it here) but this is ridiculous. Interplay LLC submitted a Master Plan request to the City of Orlando to develop a 8,524 sq. ft. car dealership with an 8-story car vending machine at 3507 Rio Vista Ave (MAP). The vending machine is a parking structure. The property is 2.84 acres and located in District 6. The car dealership is Carvana (WEB).