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Green Space Coming to State Plaza

A 30 year old dry, sunburnt cement plaza will come to life with green space, trees and pergolas! Employees in the two towers surrounding it will enjoy the shade.

The State of Florida had Maxwell Spann of CPH, Inc. submitted a request for a Major Certificate of Appearance Approval for the renovation of the plaza area between the north and south tower of the Zora Neale Hurston State of Florida Regional Service Center at 400 W. Robinson Street and the addition of ADA parking spaces on Beggs Street.

The north and south towers were completed in 1977 and 1987. The plaza area that connects the two buildings was begun and completed in the same time period.

The existing plaza is a series of large, paved, tiered spaces at different elevations with step transitions that impede fluid movement around the plaza. There are also several large planter areas surrounded by seat walls between the plaza terraces that also restrict movement around the plaza.

ARB Staff supports the design and intent and the details of the new plaza design. The new plaza plans are focused around a central circular area that holds the public space between the two existing office buildings with radial walkways that extend out from the center to N. Division and Beggs Ave.

The redevelopment plans greatly reduce the amount of pavement area in favor of landscape and open lawns. The existing terraced areas have also been greatly reduced providing smoother unrestricted flow through the plaza because of less vertical impediments. New furniture, lighting and pergolas are also identified in the plaza redevelopment plans. Additionally, 8 new disabled parking spaces are pro- posed along Beggs Avenue.


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