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Winter Park Village Shopping Center For Sale

The 30-acre Winter Park Village (Website), the open air lifestyle center at 510 Orlando Avenue (MAP) is for sale for $150 million according to Orlando Business Journal.

This open air lifestyle center was built in 1999 on the former site of the Winter Park Mall, which was completed in 1964 and demolished in 1998 according to Mall Hall of Fame.

Lifestyle centers, which were first labeled as such by Memphis developers Poag and McEwen in the late 1980s and emerged as a retailing trend in the late 1990s according to Wikipedia.

Other open air lifestyle centers in the area include Baldwin Park Village Center, Celebration Town Center, and Disney Springs, to name a few.

Lifestyle centers typically look like strip shopping centers turned outside in, and the formal storefronts don't face parking areas like in strip centers, but landscaped park-like pedestrian areas, with storefronts facing each other across the pedestrian walkway or a low volume parkingless two-lane road says Wikipedia.

Winter Park Village has 48 tenants:

  1. IZEA

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