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Wine on Tap Restaurant Coming to Winter Park

A wine-on-tap restaurant named Sixty Vines (Website) is coming to Winter Park in the 8,000 SF space formally occupied by Kona Grill restaurant in the Lakeside Crossing shopping center at 110 Orlando Avenue (MAP).

There are 3 locations in Texas currently.

The menu (Read It Here) includes steak, salmon, pork, wagyu and ahi tuna burgers, pizzas, pasta, and more.

The focus is on the wine and that it's stored in and served from 60 kegs, hence the name.

Wine on tap gives the restaurant the ability to serve each glass at the perfect temperature. Also, guests can get it sooner as there's no need for a waiter to spend time uncorking a bottle.

According to their website, wine on tap eco-friendly. No oxidation, no corkage, and no spoilage means no waste. Wine on tap eliminates the hassles that come with bottled wine. In a bottle, wine begins oxidizing the minute it’s opened. With wine on tap, the pressurized keg keeps it from spoiling.

Each keg of wine is reused, eliminating waste and reducing the wine lover’s carbon footprint. Each steel keg saves 26 bottles from going in a landfill. That’s 2,340 lbs. of trash over its lifetime.

Sixty Vines is expected to open Spring 2020.


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