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City of Winter Garden Launched a Curbside Pick Up Service for Its Downtown Restaurants and Shops

The City of Winter Garden has launched a new program allowing shoppers to safely shop from businesses in its downtown core called the Downtown Winter Garden Curbside Program.

The program launched Saturday March 21st.

Each business is handling it’s own online and phone ordering processes. The City is handling the curbside pick up service.

The City has designated clearly marked parking areas for curbside pick up.

Downtown Ambassadors will be present 10am to 8pm handling delivery of food and goods from the businesses to the cars parked downtown.

There are four steps to the program:

  1. Order from a downtown restaurant or shop online or by phone.

  2. Park in a designated curbside pick up location or nearest parking spot.

  3. Call the store or restaurant, tell them where you’re parked and where you’d like them to place your order (window, trunk, etc.).

  4. Your order will be delivered to your car while maintaining standard sanitary and social distancing procedures.

The Winter Garden Farmers Market that takes place downtown will remain open on Saturdays, but will be scaled back to include food items only (vegetables, fruit, bread, dairy, seafood and meat and some prepared foods etc.). Hand-watering and Hand-sanitizer stations will be available for use throughout the market. Vendors booths and check out will be staggered to meet social distancing requirements.


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