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What Wally's Exterior Used to Look Like

This is what Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors looked like on August 21, 2018, the day The Daily City first spotted the sign on the front door announcing its closure prior its sale and eventual renovation.

The sign read as follows: "Dear Customers, It is with great regret that we have decided to close our doors after 64 years in business. Thank you for all of your support & great memories. The Wally's Family"

If you have photos of the interior as it was prior to the recent renovations, please send them to us so we can do a similar post to this, but for the interior. Send your photos to By sending us your photos you give us permission to publish them in a future post. Thank you for your consideration.

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Bunny Foofoo
Bunny Foofoo
17 jul 2019

I know they had to redo the tile on the ground because it was slippery (indoor tiles were used and floor mats were glued to the tiles), but I wish they had redone the facade with some sort of tile artwork. I hope the bear tile murals that are close by never come down!

Me gusta
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