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Up to 1,200 Rental Bikes Coming to UCF With Zero Docks

While the presence of dockless bike share encourages more bike riding, it's not all good news for the cities and places this industry lands.

Dockless bikes create what's called "bike litter." Here's an over the top comical representation of the problem in Shenzhen, China.

UCF selected the dockless bike-sharing company Lime Bike to bring up to 1,200 bikes to its campus according to Orlando Sentinel. The program will start with 500. The bikes will be available to "students, employees and visitors" and rent for $1/hour.

Dockless bike companies offer rental bikes that that don't have to be returned to a station or locked to a bike rack. Users unlock the bikes with an accompanying app that's linked to their credit or debit card. They can unlock a bike, ride it, lock it, then leave it somewhere else. While the ideal place to put the bike once used is a bike rack, many users leave them anywhere they feel. This has caused problems with what's known as bike litter, bikes scattered around haphazardly. Limebike dumped 10,000 dockless bikes in the city of Dallas and it did not go well.

Also, dockless bike share companies face a problem with theft.

UCF has a goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. However, on the UCF transportation page, LimeBike is at the very bottom.


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