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Local marketing agency Findsome & Winmore launches hyperlocal Winter Park news site the32789

Winter Park marketing agency Findsome & Winmore (Instagram) recently launched a hyperlocal news website focusing on the 32789 zip code area of Winter Park called the32789 (Website | Instagram).

Matt Certo, the founder of Findsome & Winmore, is the site's publisher.

the32789's mission is "to keep citizens informed and aware concerning the latest happenings in and around the City of Winter Park."

The site's topics include local business, food and drink, community news, and more.

From the blog: "After talking to many fellow community members, we felt as if there was a void in dedicated local journalism. And since we have substantial skill overlap with today’s modern news organizations—writing, design, online publishing, and photography, to name a few—we wanted to dedicate some agency capacity to the effort. Plus, we thought it would be a fun experiment."

'Today’s civic environment is one of many perspectives and diverging opinions.  The City of Winter Park is no exception to that. Whether it’s the decision to permit a new real estate development or to purchase more land for green space, our community’s citizens and stakeholders genuinely care. the32789 will endeavor to present a variety of views to readers in order to cultivate a more informed citizenry. After all, “democracy dies in darkness,” as the legendary The Washington Post perpetually proclaims on its masthead."

Courtesy the32789


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