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The Salty Donut in Audubon Park Sets Grand Opening for December 18th


The Salty Donut is bringing donuts, a reconfabulated gas-station-turned-repair-shop-turned-donut-spot, and... a mural!

We told you in July that Miami-based donut shop The Salty Donut (Website | Instagram) is opening a location in Orlando in the Audubon Park business district at 3025 Corrine Drive (MAP).

The grand opening date has been announced: December 18th.

Throughout the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), guests will be treated to complimentary Cold Brew + Batch Brew coffee from Intelligentsia; and the first 50 guests at the store each day will receive a free limited-edition The Salty Donut x The Lost Bros collab tote bag and stickers.

Want a sneak peek before the grand opening? The Salty Donut launched a lottery system Thursday in which Orlando locals can enter on the brand's Instagram or through this online form for their chance to win a FREE box of donuts.

Beginning Monday, December 14th to Thursday, December 17th, there will be 60 winners selected daily, who will have the ability to schedule a pickup of their complimentary pack at The Salty Donut's Audubon Park shop. Winners will be notified via email and pickups will begin on Monday, December 14th. Winners who are not able to pick up their complimentary box may send it to a friend or family member. Keeping staff and guest safety a top priority, winners are asked to abide by their pickup times in order to limit crowd size and allow for social distancing.

The opening menu will feature The Salty Donut's full menu of 12 donuts, including the "Always" and "Seasonal" menus.

The Always Menu

  • Traditional Glazed: 24 hr brioche, vanilla bean glaze.

  • Maple + Bacon: 24 hr brioche, pure maple glaze, topped with in-house candied bacon + lager reduction.

  • Brown Butter + Salt: Vanilla bean cake donut, brown butter glaze + topped with Maldon sea salt.

  • Guava + Cheese: 24 hr brioche lled with swirled guava + cheese, cream cheese glaze, topped with tiny pieces of pastelito pastries.

  • Toasted Coquito: 24 hr brioche soaked in a homemade coquito, bottom crusted with valrhona carmelia chocolate + finished with torched cinnamon infused meringue.

  • Chocolate Cookie Crunch: 24 hr brioche, valrhona cocoa glaze, covered in crushed homemade vanilla + cocoa cookies. .

The Seasonal Menu

  • Butter Beer: 24 hour brioche filled with butterbeer custard, carmelia glaze topped with butterscotch drizzle, cookie crumbs + bubble sugar.

  • Boston Cream: 24 hr brioche filled with classic vanilla cream, chocolate ganache glaze + topped with chocolate curls.

  • Pistachio Cannoli: 24 hr cannoli shaped brioche filled with traditional pistachio and mascarpone whip, encrusted with pistachio cookie crumbs + topped with powdered sugar.

  • Cookies + Cream Cake: Vanilla bean cake donut with homemade ‘oreo’ cookies folded in the dough, vanilla bean glaze + topped with crushed homemade oreos.

  • Oreo + Almond Cookie Butter (V): Vegan ‘brioche’ filled with an oreo + almond cookie butter, cocoa glaze, topped with toasted almonds, oreo cookie crumbs + chocolate almond bark.

  • Gingersnap Cookie (GF): Spiced baked gluten-free vanilla cake donut, molasses glaze, topped with buttercream + homemade gingersnap cookie.


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