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Here's What The Packing District's Wayfinding Signage Will Look Like

The Packing District's PD Sign Plan: Wayfinding Sign Master Plan goes before the Municipal Planning Board January 21st. The planners are requesting an amendment to the PD for a master sign plan including roof signs.

The plan is made up of written descriptions of the PD's sign standards, most of which pertain to utilitarian signs.

Creative sign projects like placemaking murals, pedestrians kiosks, and signs painted on rooftops facing the sky intended to be viewed from above are mentioned as well.

The visuals within the plan focus solely on designs for the wayfinding signage. Wayfinging signage, as described by SEDG, refers to "information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space."

The plan says that the "goal of the Packing District is to develop a unique, eclectic, and vibrant mixed-use environment that pays homage to the industrial heritage of the district and the community legacy of Dr. Phillips."

It goes on to say, "Signage will play a major role in setting the tone for that unique environment."

Below are the visuals from the PD Sign Plan showing the designs planned for the wayfinding signage.

Below is a more detailed look at the pedestrian kiosk:


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