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Stasio's Italian Deli & Market Opening in Milk District at Robinson & Bumby

The front windowed space that's been empty for eons and eternities in the building at the corner of Robinson & Bumby is getting an Italian deli!

The Daily City has confirmed directly with owner Lou Palo that he is opening up Stasio's Italian Deli and Market in the front mutli-windowed space of the building at the corner of Robinson & Bumby at 2320 E. Robinson Street. The expected opening time frame is March/April. This building is in The Milk District, home of a clutch of small businesses including bars, vintage clothing shops, smoke shops and a brand new restaurant called The Iron Cow. It's also home to Tasty Takeover which was recently in the news. Palo is from Connecticut and his wife is from Italy. The whole family including children will be working in the deli and market. 

The named "Stasio" is a family surname. 

The space will primarily be a grab and go business with a deli counter and a grocery area. A few seats will be available. Catering services will also be offered. Palo has been in the restaurant biz in Orlando for 33 years. He's owned 3 restaurants: 

  1. Maldonado on Chickasaw & Lake Underhill

  2. Louis and Maria's on E. Colonial. That space sat 150 seats and had a bar. 

  3. Valdiano Pizzeria in Wateford Lakes

The glass counter will offer the following: 

  1. Sandwiches made to order

  2. Full espresso bar

  3. Pizza

  4. Breakfast sandwiches and hot breakfasts

The market space with shelving will be stocked with products imported from Italy like olive oils, balsamic vinegars, prosciutto, Pasta from Italy, seasonings, snacks, and bottles of wine. 

Palo has been patiently waiting to get into the space and start renovations. He signed the lease in July and is waiting on permitting. He says that step is very close to being complete.

The decor will be like an Italian deli like those Palo enjoyed up north. Expect cured sausages hanging from the ceiling over a glass case, open grab and go cold cases, hot cases with prepared food to go.The hours will be 7am-7pm Monday thru Saturday

The building in which the deli and market is housed has 3 spaces. The middle space contains the offices of National Real Estate, the owners of the building and creators of the Hourglass District, and the back warehouse space is still available.


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