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SODO District Getting New Mural

"The SoDo District is currently in the process of a major branding effort," says Linnette Boldig, the SoDo Main Street District Manager. Beginning in January, the SODO main street district (Website) will begin hanging new street banners on light poles throughout the district. They will also kick off the fun task of having local artist paint original works on all their electrical boxes. Lynx bus shelters will also be getting the creative treatment as well, with paintings going up on them.

One branding effort that's taking place this Fall is the creation of a large scale mural painted by local artist Christian Stanley (Instagram) at 45 W. Crystal Lake Street (MAP) across from Target in the SoDo Plaza.

You may recognize Stanley's his name as one of the muralists participating in the Endangered Florida Birds Mural Project.

The SODO mural, sponsored by the Orlando Main Street Program, is approximately 27 feet by 8 feet. The basis for the mural comes from the Sodo District logo, which has similar colors and line work.

"I wanted to expand on that image and build a whole scene and create an opportunity for people to enjoy the bright colors and iconic orange imagery on a large scale," Stanley said.

He is working on having the mural completed by Thanksgiving.

"We are very excited to have Christian Stanley as our artist for this amazing project in SoDo," Boldig said.

This mock up shows what the final mural painted by local artist Christian Stanley will look like.


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