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Sister Honeys Owner Wins Dessert World Food Championship

The owner of Sister Honey‘s bake shop at 247 E Michigan Street (MAP) in the SODO district, Evette Rahman, won Category Champion in the World Food Championships’ Dessert division recently.

She was awarded $10,000 and earned a seat at WFC’s Final Table Challenge for a shot at an additional $100,000 grand prize in May 2020.

In the past, Rahman has received multiple awards, been featured on the Food Network, in Hometown Cooking Cookbook by Family Circle and served as a panelist on the Crisco® Pie Tips Hotline. Additional achievements include being inducted into the Orlando Sentinel’s Culinary Hall of Fame, and placing Best in Show at American Pie Council National Pie Championships for three consecutive years.

The World Food Championships is the highest stakes food competition in the world. This multi-day, live-event culinary competition showcases some of the world's best cooking masters competing for food, fame and fortune in ten categories: Bacon, Barbecue, Burger, Chef, Chili, Dessert, Recipe, Sandwich, Seafood and Steak.


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