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Boycott SeaWorld Day July 24th

Local PETA supporters have organized a protest of SeaWorld called Boycott SeaWorld Day Friday July 24th 11:45am to 1pm at SeaWorld Orlando, 7007 Sea World Drive (MAP).

According to the event's event page, the protest is meant, "to urge the public to stay away from SeaWorld’s prisons, where orcas, dolphins, whales and other animals are locked down for life. It goes on to say "Dolphins are still being drugged, forcibly impregnated, confined to severely crowded enclosures, and forced to perform. SeaWorld MUST start the process of moving the orcas, dolphins, and whales to seaside sanctuaries, where they would live in large areas of the ocean while benefiting from human care for as long as they might need."

The organizers ask those interested in more information about the topic to visit the website

The protesters will be taking precautions to ensure safe social distancing during this protest according to the event page. "All activists are asked to maintain a distance of 6 ft. from each other and wear a protective face mask." They also ask those in attendance to wear black and white clothing.

All materials such as posters and leaflets will be provided. The organizers ask that attendees read these tips , be prepared for inclement weather, and to "Please dress sharp, as it helps our message come across much stronger."

Reserved parking will not be available.

Those with questions about the protest should contact Amanda Brody at


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