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Electric Motorized Scooter Share Pilot Program Approved by Orlando City Council

The pilot program will allow a maximum of 1,800 scooters

The pilot program for electric motorized scooter sharing in Orlando is officially a go thanks to the second reading of the City of Orlando Pilot Program for electric scooter-share services getting approved by City Council December 9th.

The pilot program will last for one year, expiring January 2, 2021.

In total, the pilot program will allow a maximum of 1,800 scooters. Each motorized scooter company is allowed to have a minimum of 200 scooters with a maximum of 400. After four months from the issuance of a permit, a company may request an increase to their initial fleet of scooters up to a maximum of 600 scooters.

The scooter companies may stage a maximum of 60% of the total allowable fleet in operation within the Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency (MAP) boundary east of Interstate-4 and must maintain a minimum of 20% of the total allowable fleet in operation within the Downtown CRA boundary west of Interstate-4. The remaining portion of the fleet must be staged outside of the CRA but may not be staged in City of Orlando Historic Districts, or other areas designated by the permit or the Director.

Scooters may be parked on a sidewalk or other hard surface within the City right of way or next to (but not not upon or within) a bike rack. They may only be parked on private property with the permission of the property owner. The city may also designate motorized scooter parking zones in order to guide riders to preferred parking zones and assist with the orderly parking of motorized scooters throughout the city.

The scooters will be removed from Orange Avenue from Robinson Street to South Street on Friday and Saturday nights before 6pm.

Each motorized scooter company must pay the City a non-refundable application and licensing fee of $5,000 along with a fee of $.25 cents per ride taken by customers. They must also apply for a permit from the City.

All companies must maintain a searchable database with the following information for each scooter rented: (1) name, address and mobile phone number of the person who rented the scooter; (2) the date, time and duration (“rental period”) of each person’s rental of a scooter; (3) the route taken during the rental period and (4) the location of the scooter at any particular time during the rental period. The company will not be required to share this data with the City.

The scooters will have a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour via the installation of a governor** or other such device. That speed may be increased to 15 miles per hour by the pilot program Director per the request of scooter companies if the Director feels the change would be in the public interest.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to rent a scooter in this pilot program.

**The installation of a governor is not required for scooters with seats.


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