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Rollins Innovation Triangle Project Passes City Council Second Reading

Credit Rollins College

Winter Park City Council voted Monday March 9th in favor of two ordinances and a Conditional Use for the construction of a Rollins College project called Innovation Triangle adjacent tp the central business district of downtown Winter Park.

The project will consist of two new buildings.

The Rollins Museum will be 3-stories and contain 31,000 SF.

The Crummer Graduate School of Business will be a 2-stories and contain 44,500 SF.

The buildings will be constructed on a 2.37 acre city block owned by Rollins College next door to The Alfond Inn. The block is bound by New England, Interlachen, Lyman and Knowles Avenues and is located at 200 E. New England Avenue (MAP) and 203 E. Lyman Avenue (MAP).

The approval is subject to the terms of the proposed Benefit (Development) Agreement and with the final floorplans and exterior elevations/materials of the Museum building and final exterior elevations/materials of the Crummer School building, as well as the site, landscape plan to be reviewed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission.

There is an existing 4-story Lawrence Center office building at the corner of New England and Knowles Avenues and a 2-story College office building at the corner of Lyman and Knowles Avenues.

During the second reading, Council voted to approve for the property at 200 E. New England Avenue (MAP) and 203 E. Lyman Avenue (MAP) an Ordinance to amend the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map designation of Office to Institutional, an Ordinance to amend the official Zoning Map to change from Office (O-1) to Institutional (PQP), and a Conditional Use approval to maintain the existing 4-story Lawrence Center office building and to build the Rollins Museum and Crummer Graduate School of Business buildings.

Rollins College submitted revised plans for the Innovation Triangle project after the first reading which reduced the size of the Crummer Graduate School building from 77,189 SF by 40,000 square feet, revised the setback on Lyman and New England Avenues from 10 feet to 25 feet, and revised floor area ratio for all the buildings on-site is 127%.

An amendment was added during the second reading Monday to change the FAR from 127 to 150 in light of the changes Rollins College made based on the Council's feedback they were given at the first reading. Language will also be added stating that Rollins will indemnify and hold harmless the City from any fees and costs should Rollins and a private residence group not not be able to come to terms on an agreed upon solution for the moving of 38 publicly available parking spaces. Rollins has the right to relocate them to the Lawrence site, The Alfond Inn site, or a combination of the both.


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