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Robinson Cocktail Room Coming to Downtown Orlando

Robinson Cocktail Room is under construction on the second floor of the Robinson building at 63 E. Pine Street. It's described by the owners, Team Market Group, as a modern craft cocktail bar.

Watch a walk-thru video of the space pre-construction.

The first floor of the Robinson building will be familiar to Daily City readers as the former home of Red Mug Diner. The two story brick structure was built around or before 1900. The structure is a contributing structure in the Downtown Historic District. The original transom windows visible above the canopy had been covered over. The store front area appears to have been altered several times during the life of the building.

A year ago TMG built a walled-in staircase inside the Red Mug Diner Space that leads from the second story club space down to a brand new front door on the first floor leading out to Pine Street.

TMG asked The Daily City back in January 2017 what we thought the space should become. Here are our answers.

Team Market Group is looking for a grand opening in 2-3 months.

Photos provided to The Daily City by TMG Group


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